Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lemony Peach Cake

OMG, I have followers!! So I 'd better get a start on.....

Lemony Peach Cake. I LOVE that peaches are in season. Oh yum. Biting through the...well, peachy, coloured skin and into the sweet and juicy flesh to have it dribble down my arm so that I end up leaning over the sink. This recipe calls for three ripe peaches, but I only used two.

I ate the other one.

I made this cake for a birthday party for my local mothers group. Monday afternoon was spent with my son slung on my hip so he could watch everything while I poured butter, sugar and flour into my mix-master. I think becoming a mother should come with getting an extra arm and a mix-master. Otherwise nothing would ever get baked.

I loved the very subtle hint of lemon that's in the cake, so that people have to ask 'what's that other flavour....I can't quite pick it?' And, just to be healthy, I served it with Vanilla Yogurt instead of the recommended Double Cream. The yogurt seemed to keep it really light and moist. In fact, I'm sure there's a slice left in the fridge.....

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