Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frozen Yoghurt and Strawberry Milk

It's the middle of summer and so damn hot lately, so these turned out to be a fantastic afternoon cool-me-down. Even if we were in the air-con. Something sweet and cold and somewhat healthy for you, this drink went down perfectly.

I've always loved Strawberry Coulis as you don't get as many pips and seeds like you do with other berries. Plus they already have their own sweetness, so not as much sugar is needed. I've since made the coulis from this recipe again as my son loves having a spoonful in some milk as a milkshake. And I know it's nice and fresh and not full of additives.

I used natural yoghurt instead of Vanilla and froze it in my Ikea heart shaped molds. Add the strawberry coulis and pour over milk. Don't forget to give a little stir or the berry syrup will just sit on the bottom of the glass.


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